Discover our latest NOMOLI installation at Selfridges for SS23

Inspired by an idea of a world without borders, the 'Freedom of Movement' installation at Selfridges features key pieces from the Spring / Summer 2023 collection alongside a larger than life LABRUM Nomoli sculpture. The space is designed to evoke a powerful reminder of the beauty of cultural migration and its ability to bring different communities together, creating a more vibrant and dynamic world.

We have partnered with Platna Studio on bringing our recently introduced Nomoli symbol to life in physical form. See the process in images and read further information on the meaning of these captivating figurines below.

An ancient descendant from empires forgone. As legend goes these iconic figures stood as representatives of former kings and chiefs.

Sent from heaven to live on earth, a form of protection in the belief that they provide health and good luck in abundance – a spiritual reckoning to banish evil spirits.

With oversized and warrior-like characteristics the Nomoli is seen as a higher force, a presence unlike it’s human counterpart. A guardian preserving spiritual powers of the past.
Nomoli figurines are known to be some of the earliest art forms originated in Sierra Leone & Liberia during the 16th century. Hand-carved and presumed to be made by original habitants of stone are associated with the Mende people, buried on sacred land, and presented as 'rice gods'. Native’s place these figures in gardens and fields in hopes of increasing agricultural yields and as an oracle-like consultant to deliver fortune and advice.
They are distinguished by large heads, striking eyes, broad nose and full lips. Some figures are seen to possess nose rings and earrings, shields and weapons elected as chief of their tribe.


Nomoli, a new LABRUM icon. Here to guide our community, our people and to lead us into good fortune.

Discover the installation at Selfridges located on the 1st floor Designer Showrooms.