Founded in 2014, LABRUM London is a modern-day menswear brand telling the untold stories of West Africa to help bridge the gap between western and West African culture.

The word LABRUM is a latin term for ‘having an edge’, and this sits at the heart of the brand’s mission – to make honest, practical clothing rooted in simplicity, fit and a passion for detail.

Driven by a desire to create looks that are wearable yet idiosyncratic, and inspired by a lifetime of travel, exploration and pilgrimage. LABRUM London delivers innovative garments with an uncompromising commitment to quality and design.

A utilitarian approach fused with British tailoring and a touch of West Africa creates a design recipe that is clean, sophisticated and unique.

LABRUM London. Designed By An Immigrant 


Narrating untold stories of the diaspora merging West African values with British tailoring.  A philosophy centred on creating directional and purposeful pieces, inspired to launch a new generation of design.

Conceived in 2014, the LABRUM brand rose to life through the creative mind of its Founder and Creative Director Foday Dumbuya. The vision, which still runs true to this day, to produce honest and thought-provoking garments founded on simply imagining a borderless society with a freedom of expression.

Built on the back of Foday’s formative years learning and growing in Sierra Leone, Cyprus and London, it was his family that proved the spark to his exploration. A working class household who reveled in blending traditional tailoring with an African touch – and a guiding principle that there were no limitations in life.  LABRUM is the culmination of said values with twelve years spent crafting an education in the fashion industry; from childhood to working at esteemed companies such as DKNY & Nike.

LABRUM encapsulates not only Foday’s journey but of those who dare to forge a new future with liberating possibilities. A brand that endeavours to be the voice, champion and platform; for those who seek, those who cannot be contained and those who have a message to share. 

LABRUM isn’t concerned with conforming to the norm but to purely share a vision of inclusivity and style, for the love of people.