Introducing the Nomoli | New LABRUM London Logo

We are forever on a journey here at LABRUM London. With our collections, adventures and with our brand aesthetic. We’re very pleased to present our new elevated LABRUM logo featuring a Nomoli.

The Nomoli symbol debuted during our Autumn/Winter 2022 'Poetics of Movement' London Fashion Week show. It joins our branding now as a new signature, with the hope that the professed good luck and safe guarding properties of the historical Nomoli will be with us all. 

Paired with our signature LABRUM typeface, the Nomoli logo was designed by our in-house design team under the founder Foday Dumbuya's creative direction. The inspiration for this comes from deeper research into West African culture and historic works of art. It appears as two designs - a simple black and white line drawing and a coloured version derived from our AW22 colour palette, which plays with the hues of orange, green and blue. 

The chosen colour options are representative of the Sierra Leonean landscape and are influenced by the artwork named 'The Migration Series' by the African-American painter Jacob Lawrence.

So, what is a Nomoli?

What is a Nomoli?

Featured on some of our AW22 designs are hand embroidered and screen printed Nomoli figures from the Mende and Kissi tribes of Sierra Leone. Their small stature belying their great significance. 

The physical construction of the stone carved Nomoli is mysterious. They have been around for decades and can be considered a phenomenon, to create them today would require advanced technology because of their sophisticated shape. 

Nomoli’s are astonishing historical works of art. In Sierra Leone, some believe that the figurines are naturally formed rather than carved, and therefore regard them as "Guardians". Keeping the figures around or inside the home can bring protection or good fortune. 

The Nomoli figures are also said to have resembled chiefs and leaders of the time – preserving ancestral practises and marking history.

We are happy to welcome the Nomoli as part of our new logo.


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