People of Labrum: Louie Akinwale

Early this year we have launched a new series, People of Labrum, focusing on celebrating our incredible community and sharing stories of the people who we are inspired by, who support us and stand by us on our journey. 

In our newest episode of the series we present you a close friend to Labrum London, another incredibly talented individual who is making noise within the creative industry, Louie Akinwale, model, creative director and entrepreneur. Louie has worked with us for years and has been part of many shoots and shows for Labrum, always bringing great energy. Last year, Louie has founded his own handbag brand, Lu by Lu, introducing unconventional designs and distinctive silhouettes, inspired by the new wave of urban community. Next to handbags, his collections include other exceptional accessories, of course, all handmade in Nigeria - bringing Lagos to London.

We managed to get a few minutes of Louie's time for a short but sweet chat!

Now, over to Louie…


Foday Dumbuya: What do you think is it about Labrum that makes it stand out from other brands?

Louie Akinwale: Labrum is different to other brands because of the focus on story telling of Africa, educating us in a western society. Labrum brings a different edge through detail. The brand sources very impressive fabrics that are unique, including the lining of the garment all the way to its buttons. 


FD: What does community mean to you?

LA: Community to me means family, building and growing together, having the best interest for our neighbours and for the people around us.

FD: What are your wardrobe staples? What couldn't you live without?

LA: I like to always wear different hats when I haven't got a trim. I also enjoy jazzy socks that can match my accessories, these vary from rings to shades!


Thanks to Louie for his unconditional support and joining us in this special episode of the People of Labrum series, taking the time to sit down with us and share a snippet of his thoughts.

Go follow Louie on Instagram: @louieakinwale / and check out his up and coming brand online.


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