People of Labrum: Kish Kash

People of Labrum is a series shining light on the inspired community Labrum London is surrounded by, dedicated to share the story of each individual that we hold close to our hearts.

We are excited to share issue 04 of our People of Labrum series featuring Kish Kash.

Known as a brand consultant, Soho Radio DJ and Instagram personality, Kish Kash is also one of London's biggest and most dedicated sneaker collectors, and archivists, with an ever-growing collection of over a couple thousand pairs of sneakers. His nickname "The Sneaker Connoisseur" shouldn't be taken lightly!

Foday met Kish a while back whilst working at Nike. Their mutual interest in trainers, design, culture and community is what lead into an instant connection between the two - the rest is history! 

Now, over to Kish Kash and Foday…

Foday Dumbuya: Do you remember how we met?

Kish Kash: I met you years ago! I think it was one of those instances when the universe draws good people to good people. I think people coexist around others like electrons orbit neutrons. That’s how it went down.

FD: What is it about Labrum that makes it stand out from other brands?

KK: It’s cool – isn’t it! Labrum, Fods’ eye, the attention he puts in, the attention to detail, it all comes down to that.

I don’t think there’s a brand out there that does what he does.

The fact that he channels his DNA from Sierra Leone all the way through and into every aspect of the brand. Makes it so unique. It’s not just about clothes, it’s about the people who work, play, enjoy and live in these clothes. What Labrum does is inspire and create - and share stories. Over and above clothes. Fods channels his appreciation for Sierra Leone through and he is really championing the diaspora, the way he is doing that is phenomenal. He’s the pioneer in this regarding Sierra Leone and that’s absolutely wicked to see.

FD: If you work to live, what do you live for?

KK: Sneakers! No! It’s experience. Although the Labrum x Converse sneakers were great.

To live is all about experience, to pontificate on everything and just appreciate it. In every aspect, be that fashion, music, style, food – I love food – football.

FD: What does your typical day look like? Is there such a thing?

KK: My days are super random, very adhoc, very random. As today demonstrates, I was so late to meet my homegirl Sarah earlier and she was coming from Oxford Street because she was doing something at Apple but she managed to get back and had to wait for me. We met at the end of my road and I was still late.

Some brands support me to promote stuff on my Instagram and plan outfits. To style my way. I don’t always get all the exclusives (even the sneakers!), sometimes it’s a battle but I’m definitely more blessed than others that’s for sure.

FD: What inspires you?

KK: What inspires me? Good people, doing good things. When I see bad people doing good things, or bad people getting ahead, it demotivates me but that’s a challenge in itself. You’ve got to make sure we don’t let the bad people have the power to derail you and keep pushing on.

FD: What does community mean to you?

KK: Community means loyalty. It means you’ll do anything for anyone at any time if it’s a possibility.

You know, you put your shit down, they’re the priority.

Community is love. It’s inspiring each other. It’s pushing each other and being there when people are down as well as when they’re happy. There are so many people who drop friends when they’re depressed, or whatever, and you know that’s when they need you. Don’t come with that shit. You’ve got to be there for people when they’re going through bad shit. It’s a very superficial and fickle world that we live in so it’s important to have integrity. And that’s what community is and that’s what Labrum stands for really.

There’s no one who can level anything with what Fods has done, he’s such a great dude. His passion permeates every aspect of the business or the brand should I say. He channels it. That to me is community.

You know, There for the good times and the bad times. There are a lot of people out there who do need help, and don’t get the help but would be grateful for it. There’s a lot of ungrateful people out there but we want the real people. We want to work with them, we want to be with them. It’s not even about community, it’s about family. It’s a family that surrounds Labrum. There are a lot of people that would go out to bat for Fods. They’re on team.

FD: What do your go to wardrobe staples look like? What could you not live without?

KK: Great sneakers. Camouflage! You can’t see it! It’s a struggle in the morning to find it because it’s camouflaged. Very well hidden.

To bring another brand into this, my friend Hardy from Maharishi he’s a proper camo expert, studying pattern and material. Camouflage is from nature. When you see a cheetah or a jaguar or a tiger, all those patterns on them is camouflage. That is for them to blend in so that they don’t get eaten or they can stalk their prey and do all that. So, camo for me lives as many different things. The pattern is built from nature.

I like to say I’m a bit of a nerdy nature guy. I used to go camping and I used to be into scouts and shit. I used to go on hikes and stuff like that. Sometimes I just fall into things and go with the flow.

FD: What are you most proud of?

KK: I don’t think I’ve achieved it yet, whatever I’m meant to achieve. I’m still in the process of achieving it.

Hopefully, I’ve done things that add up to something and have helped other people out. Like Fods, I love to rep the brand and I did back when others wouldn’t. I would bat for Labrum because I believed in it.

FD: Anything to add about Labrum? What’s your favourite piece that you own?

KK: Oh yeah, these trousers! I need a jacket to pattern up with these trousers. I need jackets with multiple pockets.

I’m fully appreciative of where Fods has taken the brand. I really wanted the Browns collaboration. I’m so happy for him and where it’s evolving for him, and where we’re going to take it as a community with him because I feel like we’re all on this journey together. 


Our love goes to Kish Kash for being part of our People of Labrum series and for sharing his thoughts with us.

Please connect with Kish on Instagram: @kishkash1 to get a peak of his sneakers and follow him on his journey! Don't forget to check out his YouTube channel "Kish TV" where he talks all things sneakers and catch a vibe with him during his "All City Show" on Soho Radio running every Tuesday from 8-10pm. 

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