SS22 ‘The Sound of Movement’

We have been overwhelmed by the response to our SS22 London Fashion Week show. Thanks to everyone who has been involved or attended the show!

Labrum London presents ‘The Sound of Movement’. 

Embodying Labrum’s tagline ‘Designed by an immigrant’, the Spring / Summer 2022 collection champions the culture and style brought over to Britain by Caribbean and African migrants, particularly during the 70’s.

This season stories of music, politics and community have been woven together in a vibrant display. Classic British cuts meet West African accents; large celebratory collars compliment African traditional silhouettes with flared sleeves. The Agbada style is reflected through drop shoulders presented in the Freetown shirt in blue and green.

From Frank Bowling’s confidence with colour to Fela Kuti’s spiritual relationship with music, the collection harnesses the unexpected yet growing momentum of cultural hybridity. Music is one of the strongest forums of self-expression, at times of global movement it plays an integral part in lifting the spirit of those travelling far from home and brings a piece of this with them wherever they may be. 

The Sound of Movement brings history to life through intricate reworking of hand-drawn, illustrative prints that depict Sierra Leonean village life and motifs of commanding tribal masks. Labrum’s goal is to not only create work that embodies the modern day members of the African diaspora, but to converse fluidly the stories of those who came before them too - and this is what we embraced with our SS22 London Fashion Week show.

Bold, playful, tie dye prints add ashes of colour throughout the collection. Labrum London worked with the Madam Wokie Skills Development Initiative in Sierra Leone to create these designs, a choice made to support local artisans in Creative Director Foday Dumbuya’s birth place of Freetown.

The Madam Wokie Skills Development Initiative is inspired by the gender-based inequalities in the Sierra Leone society. The organisation is designed to provide economic empowerment for women. Their objective is to provide practical skills while inspiring the students by presenting female role models that have ascended to positions of power and influence regardless of the vicissitudes they faced in their lives.

Complementing the tie-dye pieces are fun, colourful graphics which unify the London Fashion Week show space and collection. These are provided by Yinka Ilori, a long-time friend of Labrum’s and an incredible artist.

“The set design for the show was inspired by the layered richness of the woven fabrics presented in Labrum’s new collection. In this installation you will see 15 stools that have been sandwiched together to mimic the construction of the cotton. The stools combine with immersive motion graphics that will take you on a joyous journey while you watch the presentation.” – Yinka Ilori.

Finally, today we are joined by Balimaya Project, a musical collective whose High Life music evokes an in- comparable level of happiness through their drum, vocals and percussion.

Specials thanks to Asics and Dr. Martens for the support at our London Fashion Week runway. And a huge thank you to the British Fashion Council and TikTok for making this show possible.

Find a recap of the show from London Fashion Week below and go to our Collections page to view the full looks.

Creative direction: @iamfods
Art direction and styling: @ibkamara
Set design: @yinka_ilori
Story: @julianknxx
Narration: @thabo_music
Music: @balimayaproject
Casting: @jonjohnsonstudios
Production: @blonsteinproductions
Hair: @johannacreebrownhair @lorealpro
Makeup: @rionaosullivan_makeup
Footwear: @asics_sportstyle & @drmartensofficial
Bags: Lu by Lu
Glasses: @victorwongofficial

Thank you again to @britishfashioncouncil , @tiktok_uk@blonsteinproductions and @theofficialselfridges for helping to make this happen! 

Photography by Rowben Lantion