AW24 'Designed By An Immigrant: Journey of Colours'

 With deep appreciation, we express our heartfelt thanks to everyone who attended our AW24 'Designed By An Immigrant: Journey of Colours' London Fashion Week show on Saturday, 17th February, at Tate Britain.

Introducing AW24 from LABRUM London, a collection celebrating the diverse and vibrant cultures brought by immigrants when they traverse the continents. Through this collection Creative Director, Foday Dumbuya, pays tribute to the inspiring stories of immigrant artists who overcame adversity and made significant contributions to the art and fashion world. 

Wrapping techniques play throughout the collection, fabric draping around the body and similar dressing styles are prominent in the collection. These techniques are used for practicality and resilience as well as celebration of a historical practice of adornment and art form. 

The Naimbana patchwork blazer serves as a symbol of the harmonious fusion of different cultures. Made from off cuts from the LABRUM London studio, the improv patchwork design, executed by Masha Guyard, and hand-free motion quilting of cowrie shells celebrates the rich tapestry that has shaped the world of LABRUM. 

Designs throughout the collection incorporate a range of global textile techniques; digital embroidery, patchwork, quilting, woven textiles and screen-printing. All these crafts are used to highlight the diverse colour palette of AW24. Silhouettes can be described as a ‘Cultural Confluence’, embracing the diversity of cuts, shapes, styles and cross pollination of cultural identities in the modern world today. 

The range of accessories are a direct reference and tribute to the journeys made by courageous individuals on a global scale. They pay homage to the way in which people would hold their belongings while on their quests with a contemporary reinterpretation.   

Inspired by luggage and goods being carried on the head, and the atmospheric power and Regal quality these silhouettes express, vintage suitcases appear on the catwalk wrapped in LABRUM’s monogram fabrics. The exaggerated shape and print highlight this incredible skill and the importance of what is being carried. 

Standing proud is a striking bowl hat made in 30 metres of coiled hemp braid. Kufi style crowns and patchwork buckets with signature drawstring, waterproof, tie-tops fuse world style influences, while taking the journey forward. A vintage 1970 Adidas bowling bag chosen for its nostalgic energy has been upcycle to incorporate the  black LABRUM Monogram giving it  a layer of new meaning. 

The finale showpiece titled ‘FLAGS’ is a reference from an image taken by James L. Stansfield in Thailand of a family crossing the Moei river on a journey for a new beginning. The flags that are draped around the frame represent countries that have been involved in key migrations throughout history. The garment is a visual representation of: A Journey of Colours. 

Combining traditional and contemporary elements, LABRUM London demonstrates the beauty that emerges from the harmonious fusion of heritage and modernity. Foday invites you to join us on this journey as LABRUM reimagines African design as a contemporary language. 

Design & Creative Direction: @iamfods
Styling: @makanak_a
Styling Assistant: @suavo_brazy @samtthapa
Casting: @iamjonjohnson @jonjohnsonstudios
Hair: @schwarzkopfpro @nickirwinhair @kim_howells@henkel
Make-up: @theordinary @garyrepresents @citizenjanes
Soundwork: @julianknxx @paulcousinsmusic @tawiahmusic @studioknxx
Poem: Grace Nichols
Choir: Tobi Obisanya - Layla Ley - Jade Joseph - Deborah Osibodu - Niiela Dankwah-Coffie - Jabez Walsk⁠
Footwear: @adidaslondon@adidasoriginals @drmartensofficial
Headwear: @lucybarlow.hats
Patchwork & Quilting: @madeinmash⁠ ⁠
Engineered knitted lab: @byborre
⁠Moet & Chandon: @moetchandon @ivanalostudio
British Fashion Council: @britishfashioncouncil
Production: @weare24.______
PR & Comms: @b_theagency
Creative: @zakgroupoffice
180 Studios: @180.studios
Words: @iamfods
Afterparty: @lajucollective @larizzleofficial@julsbaby_@mercedesfbenson @iammartelo
LABRUM Team ⁠🖤  @abisolaakanni @homegirlane @dami_tlo @ozoriosaldanha @finlaywest_ @marcelle__xo @rachaeladee @fontaine.tess @mazzstuff@nataliekrauter @nathan_carbon@lex__law