LABRUM X TUPAC Capsule Collection


LABRUM is proud to announce its exciting partnership with the Shakur Estate to unveil a unique and exclusive capsule collection. The collaboration, which launched on November 9th 2023, is a heartfelt tribute to Tupac's influential legacy and celebrates individuals who aspire to make a lasting impact. LABRUM  advocates for humanity, speaking out against injustice, and firmly believing in one's purpose.

Tupac Shakur is an iconic figure who fearlessly challenged oppressive systems, championed his community, and became a voice for the voiceless. His artistry and powerful messages inspired countless individuals to believe in the strength of their dreams without limitations. Similarly, LABRUM is a brand committed to being a platform, champion, and voice for those who yearn to express themselves freely and share their messages. The brand's philosophy revolves around producing authentic and thought-provoking garments that embody freedom of expression.

The capsule collection draws inspiration from Tupac's ability to transcend the realms of music and film whilst making an indelible mark on the political and societal landscape. Of particular significance is his evocative poem, 'The Rose That Grew From Concrete,' which serves as a major inspiration for the collection. Throughout the range, the rose motif symbolizes the strength and resilience one garners through self-belief, authenticity, and expression.

A highlight of the collection is the reimagined staple Labrum Stamp Tee, alongside workwear, shirts, cargo pants, hoodies, tees, and traditional Tupac-inspired gilet vests. The assortment also includes a half-zip top, and the iconic Freetown tee.


In conjunction with the collection launch, LABRUM is thrilled to announce a three-day pop-up space at Brixton Village, a beloved destination and longtime supporter of the brand. This event will provide attendees with the opportunity to experience the collection first hand, immerse themselves in the collaboration's essence, and celebrate the union of two powerful brands.

Foday Dumbuya, founder and creative director of LABRUM, said, "I am very honoured to partner with the Shakur Estate, to bring this extraordinary collaboration to life. The partnership is not just about fashion; it's a celebration of the human spirit, resilience, and the ability to effect change. Together, we aim to ignite a movement that encourages everyone to believe in their ability to make a lasting, positive difference. I hope that the collection will inspire individuals to embrace their unique voices and make a positive impact in their lives and the world around them." 

The collection will be available to purchase exclusively on from 9th November 2023 and at the LABRUM x Tupac Pop-up Brixton Village 10th – 12th Nov.


Creative Direction: @iamfods
Photography: @julianknxx
Production: @studioknxx
Styling: @suavo_brazy
Lighting: @pablorojodop
Retoucher: @aligulsener
Talent: @yungchalobah @louieakinwale