Labrum London x Browns Focus: 'Work to live'

We are very pleased to share our latest partnership – Labrum London x Browns Focus

When Labrum was selected to be part of Browns Focus, we were over the moon. This initiative was launched in 1997 to celebrate the most exciting new names in Fashion and the most innovative points of view.

We are so grateful to the Browns team for including us in this project alongside such fantastic designers such as Saul Nash, Bianca Saunders, Connor Ives, Maximilian, Lueder, Tsao, Mariah Esa and Commission.

The collection Foday created for Browns Focus is inspired by the ever-important notion of “work to live”.

In a time that has shaken up all sense of normality and work / life balance, checking your priorities has never been more important. The idea of working to live was drummed into Foday by his Nan, Mamie Bakie, from a young age. She emphasised the importance of finding joy at work, but she always said that true happiness comes outside of office hours.

In the accompanying video you will see a group of incredible people from the Labrum community who we invited to join us in discussing what the concept “work to live” means to them. Peigh Asante, Charlie Dark, Jodie Yates and Danny Wood share their thoughts on this in conversation with Foday.

Each of these inspiring individuals has carved out their own niche in this crazy world and we are so pleased to be able to celebrate them in this video. A big thank you goes out to Jodie Yates and Danny Wood who also put together two fantastic playlists, you can tune into these HERE and HERE

The Browns Focus collection comprises 12 pieces, some of which are made from the last of our Freetown illustrated linen and others showcase our custom Mende head print.

These prints complete a striking Freetown Jacket and complement the John Naimbana Overcoat with Freetown cargo pants finishing off the look.

You can expect our usual dedication to detail and immaculate finish in every piece, our unique buttons appear on the John Naimbana over coat and metal hoops feature on the Siaka Stevens Jacquard Shirt.

This collection for Browns Focus is a tribute to Sierra Leone with a fusion of London design, Labrum creates garments to wear whatever you chose to do. Take them on an adventure or bring some life to zoom. Just enjoy wearing them!

The Browns Focus collection is now live and can be purchased – HERE