Hypebeast Interviews Foday Dumbuya

“Designed by an immigrant” has become the de facto slogan of the British label LABRUM London. The phrase appears on the brand’s T-shirts, hoodies, and as labels on many of their garments. In doing so, the brand’s founder, Foday Dumbaya, hopes to reposition the discussion around immigrants in the West.

Founded by Dumbuya in 2015, the label was born out of a passion for British tailoring and West African design, and aims to bridge the gap between Western and West African culture. By focussing on sustainable production methods and “clean, sophisticated and unique” clothing, Dumbuya hopes his brand will push against short-term fashion trends by creating timeless built-to-last garments.

Dumbuya is set on making an impact with the clothes he creates, helping communities and making a difference. In a recent collaboration with Converse and National Sports Authority Sierra Leone (NSASL), Dumbuya journeyed back to his birthplace of Freetown, Sierra Leone, for a collection that honed in on the power of sport and design, with all proceeds going towards youth and sports development in the West African republic. The resulting campaign, created in collaboration with the stylist Ib Kamara, is a resonant statement of the brand’s values.

HYPEBEAST sat down with Foday Dumbuya to discuss how it all started, what drives him and how he found himself in the world of fashion, striving to make a difference.

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