Converse London and Labrum Present SS21 'The Cotton Tree' Collection

Beginning with the dramatic reading of a poem of an elder (Pastor Rugiatu Dumbuya) in the community about the long standing relationship with the oldest tree at the centre of Freetown and the relationship with the West.

The poem and community portraits invites viewers into yet another heritage exploration, which is both inward and outward. It is inward because this collection embodies the strong roots systems of the cotton tree and outward because it also explores Labrum London’s community. A conceptual parallel revealing the story of the SS21 collection and exploring the community of the brand.

Thank you to everyone involved. Huge thank you to Converse London for your continued support.


Director: @julianknxx
Music: @balimayaproject
Sound Design: @melozed
Video Editor: @harrydeadman
Photography: Ash Narod @icapturedaily