The Cotton Tree T-shirt Beige

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Fits true to size.

100% Cotton.

Made in Portugal.

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Shortsleeve heavyweight T-shirt with cotton tree illustration printed on the front. 320grms, Special anti-pilling finishing. 

The Cotton Tree is a historic symbol of the capital city of Sierra Leone, Freetown. We paid tribute to this icon in our SS21 collection through illustration and by sharing its important meaning.

According to legend, the “Cotton Tree” gained importance in 1792 when a group of former African American slaves, individuals who had earned their freedom by fighting for the British during the American War of Independence, settled in the site of modern Freetown.

Upon landing on the shoreline, they walked up to a giant tree just above the bay. It was here that they held a Thanksgiving service, gathering around in a large group, praying and singing hymns to thank God for their deliverance to a free land on the soil of liberty and freedom. To this day, it is beneath these kapok trees that Sierra Leoneans still pray and make offerings to their ancestors for peace and prosperity.

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